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Dear Members and Friends,

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is glad to invite you to the Martial Arts and Harmonic Principles Coaching Event, that will take place on 12th of January at The Center in Shanghai.

Free the human potential through the techniques of ancient warriors. If you are a "seeker" this seminar with Master Mauro A. D'Angelo is for you.

The event is organized by DECODE with the support of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

Traditional martial arts are something much more than a set of combat techniques. At one time the "martialists" were experts in philosophy, painting, calligraphy, traditional medicine and strategy. The great masters of the past were able to transform the "lead in gold" that is a concept for making every situation constructive and positive.

The art of Sun Tzu's war, used as a textbook in many MBA courses, is just one example of how the "ancient knowledge" of oriental philosophies can be applied to everyday life. In addition to the theory, even the applications of ancient and little-known martial practices (Zhan Zhuang), mainly related to "energy" and respiration, offer us the opportunity to know more about our body. Get rid of physical and mental tensions, convey the force, find energy and positivity: our body and its state of health are in fact a manifestation of our inner state.

"Know thyself" not only has been said by Sun Tzu but also can be found in the Western philosophy. In this sense, Kung Fu can represent a way to discover oneself and reactivate the real human potential.

We will take advantage of the presence of Master Mauro A. D'Angelo who can illuminate us in a path between the secrets of martial arts and ancient knowledge, which he has brought to light through years of travel around the world studying directly with the Masters of past generations.

What we want to propose an approach in two moments: the first one, more theoretical with a method of "martial art coaching", the second one, more practical with the applications of Zhan Zhuang.

Program of the Seminar

  • Martial Arts and Harmonic rules
  • Free human potential through the techniques of ancient warriors
  • Master Mauro A. D'Angelo Martial Art Coaching Event
  • Presentation of the Stress Releasing method and emotional management

Objectives of the route:

  • Eliminating physical and mental tensions (Zhan Zhuang).
  • Our body is an extraordinary "machine", through the practice of a specific element of Qi Gong we will be able to eliminate physical and mental tensions. The body will be shaken and freed from the stress cage.
  • Follow and guide the Force.
  • Martial arts are well known for the development of the ability to convey force in combat. Learning to drive energies is not only useful in a physical confrontation but also in life. Through a couple of workouts, we will experience this concept.
  • Rediscover ancient knowledge and reactivate the real human potential.
  • Know your body to know our mind and answer the question "Who am I". A path according to ancient knowledge to reactivate the energy and positivity that will be revealed in a path for those who are already looking or simply want to undertake a journey.

Master D'Angelo

For almost 30 years the Master D'Angelo dedicates his life exclusively to research, practice and teach techniques for Body and Mind development (Kung Fu, Qi Gong, meditation and Yoga).

He traveled all over the world to study directly with the Masters of past generations, he refined his technique and understood more deeply the concept of mindfulness. Today he lives in China where he has opened a new place in his organization, but periodically he goes to Europe to follow the students and the schools.


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The Executive Center
Level 20, The Executive Center, The Center, 989 Changle Lu, Jing'an District, Shanghai 200031
Shanghai, China

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