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Venue Location
Venue Location

Il Milione

Jiangsu Tongli National Wetland Park, North Gate, Suzhou - 苏州市吴江区同里镇肖甸街道天空之村酒店
Suzhou, China

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Contact Person: Antonella Fontanarosa
Event Details
Event Details

Dear Members and Friends,

The Manufacturing Engineering Working Group (MEWG) of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) kindly invites you to take part in the CICC MEWG Business Networking Event, organized in collaboration with the CICC Suzhou Chapter.

The informal meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 28th, at Il Milione in Suzhou (Jiangsu Tongli National Wetland Park, North Gate, Suzhou - 苏州市吴江区同里镇肖甸街道天空之村酒店), starting from 7:00 pm. The registration starts at 6:30 pm.

During the informal meeting, the MEWG in cooperation with the Logistic Working Group (LWG) will discuss about the Containers and Shipping - Current situation, issues and perspectives.

The dinner ticket price to be paid is 280 RMB, which includes buffet and drinks.

Please note that this is an event with limited seats, and priority will be given to Members of the Manufacturing Engineering Working Group (MEWG), CICC Members and companies from the industrial manufacturing sector.

Interested in joining? Scan the QR code on the flyer to sign up!

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Know more about MEWG

The MEWG represents the interest of all Italian companies in China working directly or indirectly in the sector on a national base.

MEWG Objectives

▪ Coordinate and promote all Italian members' needs which are active in many different industries of the Chinese mechanical engineering sector (machinery, automotive, component manufacturers, mechanical engineering …);

▪ Promote and raise awareness on the size and the importance of the Italian technology in the sector to all institutions in China and Italy that are our natural counterparts, in order to develop business opportunities;

▪ Coordinate and promote activities and events that boost the visibility and the image of "Technology Made in Italy";

▪ Inform all members on the topic Made in China 2025, particularly with regard to risks and opportunities for Italian businesses;

▪ Become a reference for all mechanical engineering companies within the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC), lobbying private and public institutions active in the Chinese market.

For more information about the MEWG Group please contact the email address below:

MEWG Group:

About Suzhou Chapter(SCH):


Flavio Zaghini - General Manager, PIOVAN PLASTICS MACHINERY (SUZHOU) Co. Ltd.


Gunther Klein - General Manager, EDT Diecasting Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2006, SCH is open to all manufacturing companies based in Suzhou's industrial parks.

Internally, the SCH has established several "think-tanks" to discuss specific issues such as: human resource management, visas, cost control, procurement, legal issues, tax issues. On these various issues, in agreement with the CCIC, it has developed several seminars and promotional activities.

Other achievements and activities:

  • Appreciation Meeting with governmental institution of Suzhou
  • Meeting with the Customs authorities, Jiangsu Province;
  • Networking events between Italian and Chinese entrepreneurs.
  • Suzhou Chapter meeting: Coordinator and Vice-Coordinator(s) elections

For more information about the MEWG group and the CICC Suzhou Chapter please contact the below email addresses:

MEWG Group:

Suzhou Chapter:

Not a member yet?

Send an email to

Kind Regards,

The CICC Team

  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

    CICC MEWG Business Networking Event | September 28th, Suzhou

    CICC MEWG Business Networking Event | September 28th, Suzhou

Sponsors and Partners
Sponsors and Partners

Standard price

RMB 280