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Cybersecurity, data protection and transfer are critical issues for businesses when trading across international borders. Many businesses now operate business models that rely on the ability to process, store and transfer customer data. European SMEs have largely adapted to GDPR and other national data privacy laws, while an increased awareness of cybersecurity threats have also encouraged business to take stronger measures to improve cybersecurity and protect customer data.

The basic legal framework for cybersecurity and data protection in China was completed in 2021, with the issuance of the Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) and the Data Security Law (DSL) – in addition to the previous Cybersecurity Law enacted in 2017. Other department rules and standards are also being drafted, outlining different levels of risk for data, stipulating provisions for data collection and storage, and indicating the conditions and criteria for the transfer of data across borders. These pose significant technical challenges to European SMEs in terms of adjusting their cloud infrastructure and ensuring the continuity of their cross-border operations.

This seminar will provide an update on the most recent regulatory developments in the field of cybersecurity and data protection. It will then explore the key challenges affecting EU companies, and provide a series of tips based on practical experience and case studies.


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The event will be in English. It is open to the participation of all interested EU SMEs, consulates and business support organisations. Participation is free for all participants.

Format: Online (Zoom); Offline in Guangzhou, CICC office (TBC depending on the pandemic situation, detailed address will be provided upon confirmation of the registration).

Note: the Zoom link will be shared to registered participants, by email, 1 day before the webinar starts. For the offline venue, only a limited number of seats will be available, and will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. The event organisers will confirm availability of seats directly with interested offline participants.

Got any questions on cybersecurity and data transfer? Let us know!

In the last week of May 2022, the EU SME Centre will be organising a webinar on cybersecurity compliance and cross-border data transfer. The experts will prepare and tailor the content of their presentations according to the needs and expectations of the audience: let us know your questions and the aspects which most concern you – our experts will elaborate on those during the webinar!


More details on the webinar will be published on our website and social media soon.


Valentino Lucini


Simone Ciampi

General Manager at Exprivia IT Solution (Shanghai) Co. Ltd,

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