The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is pleased to inform you that the event "2022 Sino Italian Suzhou Industry Park (SIP) Industry Cooperation Conference " will take place on September 21th, 2022, from 3pm to 5:30pm at Suzhou Industrial Park Multinational Enterprises Joint Innovation Center.

中国意大利商会真诚的邀请您参加"2022中国(苏州工业园区)中意产业合作交流会"。 该活动将于2022年9月21日下午3点至5点30分苏州工业园区跨国企业联合创新中心举行。

In recent years, the investment and trade cooperation between Suzhou and Italy has progressed rapidly. In 2008, the number of Italian investment enterprises in Suzhou was only about 50. By 2021, there is more than 180 Italian operating enterprises in Suzhou, the total number has nearly quadrupled, and the actual use of Italian foreign capital is about 600 million US dollars. It has become the most concentrated city for overseas Italian investment.


Suzhou Industrial Park is the highland of Suzhou's economy and innovation, and is known as "an important window for China's reform and opening up" and "a successful example of international cooperation". In recent years, Suzhou Industrial Park has vigorously developed the biomedical industry around the industrial chain and innovation chain. Focus on core fields such as new drug creation, high-end medical devices, and biotechnology, and initially forming a biomedical industry system with a concentration of innovative talents, innovative subjects, perfect innovation ecology and burst of innovative achievements.


The purpose of this Sino Italian Suzhou Industrial Cooperation Conference is to build platforms, bridges, smooth channels, and expand markets for Suzhou Industrial Park and Italy Bio Medical Industry Company, and to realize exchanges by combining online and offline methods. At the same time, the meeting will introduce the market conditions, investment opportunities and successful cases of Suzhou Industrial Park to more Italian enterprises, so that more Italian entrepreneurs can understand Suzhou Industrial Park, come to develop together, and invest in entrepreneurship. Promote more friendly cooperation between Chinese and Italian enterprises.


The meeting invited representatives of the Consulate of Italy in Shanghai, representatives of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, representatives of Italian companies investing in Suzhou in the fields of equipment manufacturing, mechanical engineering, medicine and health, new energy, environmental protection, etc., and representatives of companies in the biomedical field of Suzhou Industrial Park. Participate online and offline.


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