The I&TWG represents the interest of all Italian companies in China working directly or indirectly in the Innovation Technology sector. Members of this group will work on defining, updating and taking part into the Working Group Program for increasing their knowledge and market share in the Chinese market.

Scope and main objectives of the CICC IT WG are:

  • Promote inside the CICC's circle new technologies and innovations;
  • Let the innovative projects meet CICC member's requirements and support other CICC Working Groups Members;
  • Promote the Italian Technologies within events organized by Innovative Chinese companies or others;
  • Support the initiatives of the Italian and Chinese Governments in developing new technological projects in which China and Italy might cooperate.

Activities/Projects planning:

  • Monthly basis meetings aimed to mutually exchange information between innovative companies and CICC member;
  • Webinar seminar about innovative projects divided by technological sector (e.g.: AI, Robotics, Communication, etc.)
  • Newsletter about technology highlights and news;
  • Organize conferences during specific fairs and exhibition, in order to emphasizes the importance of Italian technologies of CICC member;
  • Cooperation projects between CICC and Technology Hubs.

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