Opening Remarks
Greetings and Introduction

Matteo Tanteri, CICC Vice Chairman Beijing

Keynote Speech: China macro-outlook and implications for businesses

Weisi Xie, Shanghai Director, Economist Intelligence Corporate Network

CICC Key Activities & Events in the North & Future actions:

- Sarah Orlando, CICC Board Member Beijing
- Fabio Antonello, CICC Representative in Tianjin

China-Italy Business Map: latest updates

Lorenzo Riccardi, Treasurer, CICC

Key Initiatives per Sector: updates from CICC Working Groups

- MEWG – Mirko Turrina, Vice Coordinator
- F&B Coordinator – Cristina Corsini, Coordinator
- IPWG – Carlo Geremia, Coordinator

pm Q&A Session
Closing Remarks

Paolo Bazzoni, CICC Chairman